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WORST BATHROOM: World Showcase

Claire Hach


This week at “Try the Beverly, It’s Delicious”, we’re down in the dumps with our least loved latrine in EPCOT Center.  Our least comfortable comfort station is located directly behind the Refreshment Port, which is known for its Cronuts.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 6.07.32 PM.png

We have to wonder if the double handrail lined maze of a walkway to this powder room has somehow taken us all the way back to 2013, AKA The Year of the Snake at the China Pavilion and The Year of the Cronut in the US of A.

The poorly designed stall layout in this bathroom creates a game ruining Tetris piece shaped waiting area. It’s the type of space where no matter where you’re standing, you’re in the way of a stall door, the exterior door, and enough humid, musty, warm hand dryer air to melt Walt’s cryogenically frozen head all at the same time. Aladdin’s big, blue, Genie had more personal space in his lamp than there is in this bathroom and it’s only a matter of time before Disney’s legal time says see ya later alligator and recommends claustrophobia warning signs located outside of this unattractive attraction!


This bathroom is a classic Nemo bait-and-switch. It’s so inconspicuously located that one would assume it to be more of ghoulish ghost town than a certain mansion in Liberty Square, but as they say at Monsieur Paul, au contraire, mon frere! This overcrowded outhouse always seems to have a line longer than the outer-space attraction SpaceShip Earth, and we’re not surprised since the waiting queue area of this bathroom is sure lacking “inner space”!

So if you find yourself in need of a restroom break while taking a World Showcase lagoon lap, we only recommend this location for powdering your donut, not your nose! Want to skip this little nook all together and show your Disney donut affinity another way? We’ve got a hat for that! Mickey Mouse Donut hats (and regular donut hats) are available in the 999Spyglass shop!