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Naples, FL

999 Spyglass by Claire Hach.

Home of pom pom shorts, the palm print, and whimsical trinkets.

Made In America: What is it worth?

You hear it everywhere- "Buy American!"-- but why? Have you ever looked at a breakdown of what goes into a garment and how that leads to the final price? Sometimes it’s easy to forget that everything around us, from our computers and phones, to our furniture and our houses, to the mug of coffee sitting on the table, was made by someone. Probably with their hands. We think once you see what actually goes into your clothing, you'll be proud to buy American!--- It's worth it. 

So why are products manufactured in the USA so much more expensive?  When the same style (an H&M black tank top) is compared side by side the glaring difference is the labor cost. The average hourly wage for a sewer in a US factory in $12-$15/hr-- well above the federal minimum wage. The average hourly wage of a sewer in Bangladesh is paid $0.33/hr.  While getting that basic black camisole for $5.95 or less feels great to your wallet, realize that it is directly related to the wages being paid to sew that garment by hand.
Of course we know and believe that there is a place in this world for overseas production. Instead, we think that if more people were informed about what actually went into the clothing that they buy (everything is sewn by a person!! NOT an automated machine!!), they would see 999 Spyglass apparel as the quality goods that they are in comparison to some overseas made counterparts.