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Best Bathroom: World Showcase

Claire Hach

This week at “Try the Beverly, It’s Delicious”, we are channeling Disney’s Jungle Cruise Inspiration Falls and are reflecting on what inspires us … to go… deeper and deeper into the concrete jungle where… a dream is a wish your heart makes! You guessed it; we went down in the (utility pipe) trenches for this series of best and worst bathrooms in each park. The decision of which latrine deserved the crown was rather taxing since there are quite a few washrooms in EPCOT that we fancy, but never fail, there’s one loo we deem worthy of this post’s “limey” light


Located just a (literal) hopscotch and a jump away from the Rose and Crown Pub, and a comfortable walking distance from the bladder filling Club Cool (Beverly for the walk, anyone?), the thrones that jolly old England provide have so much to offer the average park go-er. These royal toilets feature all of the convenience of Morocco’s commoner restrooms without any of the “No Fly List” feel.


England’s water closets are gracefully perched on some seriously highly coveted lakeside real estate, while some of the other World Showcase Pavilion countries send you down “a long and winding road” just to take a tinkle. Additionally, in true British, “let’s focus on our trim physiques instead of tea stained teeth” stereotype, England’s restrooms are one of the few locations in the park with access to full-length mirrors. Now that we’ve taken care of “business”, shall we keep calm and carry on to Mexico’s pavilion for a Corona?... And don’t skip the lime, we wouldn’t want a bout of scurvy, right old chap?

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 1.29.03 PM.png

Do you agree or have we missed the bloody mark? Which loo is your favorite in the whole wide World… Showcase? Join us next time to hear our least favorite bathroom in EPCOT. Want a bathroom themed hat… ok nevermind, didn’t think so!